LXB-61 type explosion relief valve
  • LXB-61 type explosion relief valve

LXB-61 type explosion relief valve


LXB-61 type



Applicable temperature:

≤ 150 ℃

Applicable medium:

Compressed explosive gas

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  • Product Description
  • Detailed parameters
  • The LXB-61 type explosion relief valve is composed of valve body, blasting membrane, holder, valve cover, sealing ring and other parts. The bursting diaphragm is installed in the middle of the holder and connected with the valve body by screw. When the system overpressure, burst membrane rupture, instantaneous pressure relief. The valve cover is reset under the action of gravity after bouncing. The valve body and the holder shall be lifted up vertically when the bursting diaphragm is replaced. The blasting membrane is prepared by the user according to the process characteristics, which is mainly suitable for building materials, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry and other industries.

    Structure Diagram of Explosion Unloading Valve

    The explosion relief valves produced by the company include LFXB rectangular explosion relief valve, LXB-61 type explosion relief valve, LXB-42 type explosion relief valve and other models and specifications. Customers can choose according to their own needs.

    When replacing the bursting disc of the LXB-61 type vent valve, it is necessary to lift the valve body holder vertically upward. The blasting membrane shall be prepared by the user according to the process characteristics.

    Explosion unloading valve

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  • Main performance of LXB-61 type explosion relief valve

    Model LFXB    LXB-42   LXB*-61
    Applicable blasting calculation pressure MPa 0.76
    Strength test pressure MPa 1.6
    Working temperature ℃ ≤ 350 ℃
    Applicable media explosive gas

    Shape and connection dimension of LXB-61 type explosion relief valve

    DN Outline connection dimension (reference value)
    L L1 H
    300 880 250 250
    350 907 250 275
    400 1010 250 300
    450 1060 252 325
    500 1180 300 370
    600 1280 300 420
    700 1390 300 470
    800 1480 300 520
    900 1590 350 600
    1000 1680 350 650