Multi-level hard seal gas butterfly valve
  • Multi-level hard seal gas butterfly valve

Multi-level hard seal gas butterfly valve




Applicable temperature:

≤ 250 ℃

Applicable medium:

Water, oil, weak corrosive fluid

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  • Product Description
  • Detailed parameters
  • Multi-level hard seal gas butterfly valve has reasonable structure, small size, light weight, small opening torque, light weight, flexible operation, flow characteristics tend to be straight, superior adjustment performance, reliable sealing, and wide range of applicable working conditions. After long-term use and verification, the product has excellent performance and is well received by users.

    Multi-level hard seal butterfly valve

    Multi-level hard gas butterfly valve structure diagram

    Multi-level hard seal gas butterfly valve characteristics;

    1, reasonable structure, light weight, flexible operation, reliable sealing.

    2. The sealing ring is made of stainless steel plate and non-metallic material. When the valve is closed, multiple ring seals are formed between the sealing fuses to make the sealing effect better.

    3. This series of butterfly valves adopt a three-eccentric structure, and the sealing surface adopts an inclined pushing surface. The valve sealing force is formed by the compressive stress transmitted from the torque of the valve stem to the inclined conical surface. The reasonable design eliminates the process contact friction between the sealing surface of the shaft end of the valve plate and the valve seat, avoids scratches, closes more tightly when closed, and seals reliably. After opening, the sealing surface is completely out of contact, protecting the sealing surface and making the valve service life longer.

    4. It has a wide range of applications and has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance and long service life. The valve has strong applicability and can be used instead of other valves.

    5, there is a precise synchronization indicating mechanism, can be in the most convenient, conspicuous position, indicating the opening and closing state of the valve.

    Multi-level hard seal gas butterfly valve is an eccentric metal seal structure. The sealing form is metal to metal seal, replaceable metal seal ring to metal seal, stainless steel plate and graphite composite plate seal ring to metal seal. Hard seal butterfly valve drive in addition to the form of electric and: manual, worm gear drive, pneumatic and so on.

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  • Multi-level hard seal gas butterfly valve main technical performance parameters

    Part Name Materials
    Valve body


    Stem 1Cr18Ni9Ti、1Cr13、2Cr13、40C、45#
    Valve plate Q235、QT450-10、WCB、CF8M、1Cr5Mo
    Seal pair 1Cr13, CoCrW, 1 Cr18Ni9Ti, 0Cr18Ni9 (rubber asbestos board, flexible graphite, tetraoxyethylene