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Service process

1. pre-sales services:

On the valve company strictly requires each employee to achieve the combination of technology and sales services, so that every communication users have a service experience.

1. In-depth communication and exchange of product technology before purchasing, and provide reasonable solutions.

2, in the selection of the type to consider whether the lowest cost, performance of industrial and mining efficiency, consider the product cost-effective.

3, can not meet the requirements of industrial and mining, according to the special requirements of customers, arrange designers reasonable improvement.

4. In the process of technical communication, take the initiative to provide drawings and pictures of each valve product so that users can recognize and agree.

5. Inform the user of the product delivery period, warranty period, tax rate, mode of transportation, installation and after-sales service before purchasing.

2. in the sale of services:

○ Respect for each user, give users a relaxed, pleasant overall value service.

○ Compare cost performance: compare price, quality and service to maximize efficiency and achieve higher cost performance.

○ Confirm the technical parameters such as product model, caliber, medium, temperature and quantity before purchasing.

○ During production, relevant technicians can come to our company for product supervision and inspection.

Provide product information on time and accurately, so that users can get first-hand time and information control.

○ After signing the contract, in accordance with the contract, quality and quantity on time delivery, to provide a complete service system.

3. after-sales service:

○ Provide product certificate, inspection report, sign, warranty, installation instruction, delivery list, VAT invoice, etc. as required by the contract.

○ Timely and effective provision of 12 months of product warranty service, life-long free consulting services.

○ Product installation and commissioning company can arrange technical personnel to the site guidance, or telephone guidance installation.

○ The product performance is tracked by the sales staff and the technical director during use.

○ Do a good job in the preservation and filing of each data information, and keep the user information strictly confidential.

4. repair package for commitment:

○ When receiving quality information feedback, it will put forward handling opinions within 24 hours and arrive at the site for handling within 100 hours.

○ Under normal storage, transportation, installation, maintenance and use conditions, if the product cannot be used normally due to quality problems, repair, replacement, return and loss shall be provided.

○ Careful service allows users to have no worries, no service is better than the corporate philosophy of service, and allows users to truly experience the value system of the company.