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The air valve is installed in what position the best effect


A variety of types of air valves, is to achieve a variety of environmental control ventilation mode of one of the key equipment, mainly fire dampers, check valves, open multi-page control valve, electric control valve and so on.

1. For pipelines passing through floors or firewalls, fire dampers shall be installed according to the requirements of the system to meet the requirements of fire fighting. The installation position of the fire dampers shall be as close as possible to the firewall or partition area to maximize its smoke prevention and partition function. When the long side size of the fire damper is greater than 630mm, a hanger shall be set up separately to avoid pipe deformation in case of fire and affect its performance. Other air valves can choose to set the bracket according to the size and installation position.

2. If it is necessary to avoid the flow back to the system at the end of one or some branches of the system, a check valve can be installed on the branch.

3. If there are more branches, install the split multi-page regulating valve at the bifurcation of the air duct. If the wind speed at the end is strict, add the split multi-page regulating valve before the end.

4. The electric control valve is generally installed at the air pipe interface of the equipment. If the system requires electric control at the end, it also needs to be added.

5, should be installed in the air valve installation site or nearby wall top site access port, for future maintenance.