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Precautions for installing ball valve


Preparation before installation of 1.

1. Ensure that the installation position of the ball valve is on the coaxial position of the pipeline. The two flanges on the pipeline should be kept parallel to confirm that the pipeline can bear the weight of the ball valve. If it is found that the pipeline cannot bear the weight of the ball valve, the pipeline should be equipped with corresponding support before installation.

2. Be sure to clean up the pipeline to ensure that there are no impurities, welding slag, etc.

3. Carefully check the specification index on the valve body, conduct full opening and full closing operations several times, confirm that the valve can work normally, comprehensively check the appearance and details of the valve body and ancillary items, and be sure to confirm that the valve is intact.

4. Remove the dust cover of the valve packaging and check whether the valve body is clean.

Installation of 2. ball valve

1, the worm ball valve can be installed in any position of the pipeline, the use of pneumatic, hydraulic, electric actuator ball valve, it must be installed vertically, the valve inlet and outlet should be in a horizontal position.

2. Seal gasket shall be installed between ball valve flange and pipeline flange according to pipeline design requirements.

3. The bolts on the flange shall be tightened symmetrically, successively and evenly.

Inspection of 3. ball valve after installation

1. After the installation is completed, it should be tested on and off several times to ensure that the work is normal and there are no other abnormalities such as slowness or caton.

2. According to the design requirements of pipeline pressure, check the sealing performance of the joint surface of ball valve and pipeline flange after passing pressure.