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What are the problems to be paid attention to during the operation of the valve?


Answer: for the valve, not only will install and maintain, but also will operate the valve operation process of the matters needing attention are:

1. High-temperature valves above 200°C are at room temperature during installation, and after normal use, the temperature rises, the bolts are heated and expanded, and the gap is increased, so they must be tightened again, called "hot tightening", and the operator should pay attention to this Work, otherwise it is prone to leakage. 2. When the weather is cold, the water valve is closed for a long time, and the water behind the valve should be drained. Condensate water shall also be removed after the steam valve is stopped. The bottom of the valve is like a plug, which can be opened for drainage.

3, non-metallic valves, some hard and brittle, some low strength, operation, opening and closing force can not be too large, especially can not make strong. Also pay attention to avoid bumping objects.

4. When using the new valve, the packing should not be pressed too tightly, so as not to leak, so as to avoid too much pressure on the valve stem, accelerate the wear and tear, and make it difficult to open and close.