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How to maintain the valve during use and during long-term shelving?


Answer: (1) Maintenance during use

The use of maintenance is to extend the life of the valve and to ensure reliable opening and closing.

a) The thread of the valve stem often rubs with the valve stem nut, so a little butter or graphite powder should be applied for lubrication. B) do not often open and close the valve, to regularly turn the hand wheel, the stem thread lubricant, to prevent bite. c) For outdoor valves, a protective sleeve shall be added to the valve stem to prevent rain, snow, dust and rust.

d) If the valve is mechanical transmission, add lubricating oil to the gearbox on time and keep the valve clean. e) Do not rely on the valve to support other heavy objects and do not stand on the valve. f)

The valve stem, especially the threaded part, should be cleaned frequently and new lubricant should be added to prevent hard debris in the dust, wear the thread and the valve stem surface, and affect the service life.

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(I) storage and maintenance

a) Improper storage is one of the important causes of valve damage.

B) valves shall be kept without random stacking. small valves shall be placed on the shelf, while large valves shall be arranged neatly on the floor of the warehouse. do not

Let the flange connection face touch the ground. Protect the valve from damage.

c) For valves that are not used temporarily in the short term, asbestos packing should be taken out to avoid electrochemical corrosion and damage to the valve stem. D) check the valves that have just entered the warehouse. if rain or dirt enters during transportation, wipe them clean and store them again.


e) The inlet and outlet of the valve shall be sealed with wax paper or plastic sheet to prevent dirt from entering. f)

The valve processing surface that can rust in the atmosphere should be coated with anti-rust oil to protect it. g) The valve placed outdoors must be covered with rainproof and dustproof articles such as linoleum or tarpaulin. Store the valve warehouse to keep clean and dry.