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What are the general requirements for valve installation?


Answer:(1) Flange threaded connection of the valve should be in the closed state.

(2) welding valve and pipe welding to use argon arc welding backing, to ensure that its internal smooth and smooth. During welding, the valve should be in the open state to prevent local overheating and deformation. When welding the high-pressure water injection valve, open the valve body and pick out the rubber gasket to prevent the rubber ring from being burned.

(3) Before installing the valve, the installation direction should be determined according to the direction of the medium flow.

(4) The valve installed on the horizontal pipeline should be vertically upward, horizontally upward or downward inclined by 45 °, and its center line should be aligned as much as possible.

(5) When installing cast iron valves (black, silver), it is necessary to prevent damage caused by strong connection or uneven force.