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How to judge the appearance quality and internal quality of surfacing wear-resistant liner?


Answer: The appearance quality of surfacing wear-resistant steel plate is mainly judged from the following aspects:

a) Flatness: The four corners of the steel plate shall be leveled to the ground at the same time.

B) Welding cracks: The welding cracks of the lining plate shall be evenly spaced, small and not wide.

c) Surfacing layer size: The surfacing layer size of the liner shall be flat and flat without obvious unevenness. Welding defects shall be guaranteed in

within a reasonable range.

d) Surface painting: the surface of the lining board shall be painted evenly and evenly, and the putty shall be evenly leveled.

e) Cutting edges around: The cutting edges around the lining board shall be straight without burrs; the large-scale plasma cutting machine is well formed. The internal quality of the surfacing wear-resistant liner is judged from the following aspects

a) Thickness of wear-resistant layer: after polishing, the surfacing layer shall be obvious, and multi-point measurement shall be taken for average value. B) Total thickness of steel plate: ± 0.5mm within the allowable range. c) Hardness: within the required range, HRC55-62